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5th Maine Infantry

Item LTR-386
July 29, 1861 Joseph W. Eastman
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3 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period pencil and war dated.


July 29th 1861

Dear Wife,

I was very much pleased to receive a letter from you last night for the first time. After waiting so long I had got almost discouraged and thought I should not hear from you again. You asked me how much I owed Uncle Lord. Well it is for two bushels coal, 25 cents and one dollar to Lunt. But you had better ask him and when you pay them, don’t pay any more bills for I don’t know when I shall get paid off and you will want all you have got.

Sunday, July 21 we marched from Bush Hill, VA to Bulls Run, about fourteen miles, and there we went to battle and had a hard fight which I shall never forget. But through kind providence, I was permitted to get through it all without being shot or wounded. But when I arrived in Alexandria after a march of about 40 miles without sleep or rest and when we halted, I could not stand. But am quite well now. Have got rested. We shall probably go to camp today and there recruit up. The 4th Maine Regiment got cut almost entirely to pieces. But Edward went through in safety. We lost about 20 men out of our company. There may be some of them to come in. The enemy lost a great number of their men and will soon be attacked and then we shall have a great battle. I am very glad to hear that you have received so much from the city. You must be on hand to get it every Saturday night. Woodbury Mason is well. I saw him yesterday and talked with him. You must not get uneasy about me for I shall get along well. I could not get about the barracks yesterday. My feet were swollen so bad, but am better today. You must direct as you did last and it will come to me. Let me be where I may be. How many letters have you written? I have received but one. Shall expect another soon. Give my love to Mr. and Mrs. Lord and the rest of my friends that inquire of me and a large share to yourself and don’t worry about me but enjoy life as best you can. Give my love to Lunt for I want to see him.

Yours with Love,
J. W. Eastman