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11th New Hampshire Infantry

Item LTR-48
November 7, 1864 Elias French
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3 pages in period ink:

Camp near Southside Railroad, Virginia
November 7, 1864
Dear Sister,

I received a letter from you Saturday, I have no news to write. Henry and I are both well, everything is quite along the line but tomorrow I suppose there will be some rough times in some of the states. I don’t think there will be any trouble here, the Rebels keep very still lately.
About that money, I want to have you and Mother to take what I told you to before and pay all the debts that I owe and the rest of it keep by you unless you want to use some of it, if you do, take it. I think we shall be paid off again this week (We took).
I was telling a fellow to take some medicine when I wrote those last two words and got a little off the point. What I was going to say was that we drew clothing Saturday, I got me a new overcoat, shoes, blanket, 2 prs drawers and 3 pr socks. That overcoat at home tell Father he can have that if he will wear it.
Charles Powers came to the hospital about ten days ago and was sent to City Point, he was looking rather slim. I guess he will be put into the Invalid Corps soon. The hospital has moved since I wrote to you before we are in camp now close by the regiment and almost on the extreme left of our line. There is some talk of the 9th Corps going out to Kentucky again this winter but I don’t believe it myself, there is plenty of work for us to do here. The railroad runs clear up to the Regiment now about four miles beyond the Weldon R.R. I can’t write anymore today, I will write again after election.

Elias French