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1st New York Infantry

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January 3, 1862 Austin V. Eastman
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3 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.


January 3rd 1862

Colonel Pierson

Dear Sir,

After I saw you December 20th, I went directly to my Father’s in Broome County and remained there one week. During this time, I was quite unwell and was not able to get about the country as I wished to. I found however, that nearly all of the men in the vicinity who can be induced to enlist have already been secured. But many of those whom I saw would have been glad to get into the “1st” if they had not been “fast”. I left Maine for this place December 28th and since that time my health has been improving.

I have been about the country here for miles around, and have made some noise but with poor success thus far.

The 76th Regiment now at Albany left here but a short time since and have taken almost every man about here who intends to enlist. Still I hope to do something. I am going to a little place eight miles from here this evening and try to wake the folks up a little and I may get a few men.

In the meantime, my father is doing all he can for us in Broome County. I hope he has sent you some men before this. I think after I have done all that I can here, that I could spend a week or a few days in Aurora. As I have lived there and if any men are to be had there, I can get them. My experience thus far has convinced me that I shall not be able, in any very short time, to enlist the number of men required to give me the desired position.

And if you can give me the place on no other conditions, I shall be obliged to consider it as “lost” for the present. Although, I should regret to do so. But if others have stronger claims and are better qualified for the position, of course, I can have nothing to say.

If you have occasion to write me, please direct at this place care of Dr. H. H. Bolles.

Very truly yours,

Sergeant A. V. Eastman