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100th Pennsylvania Infantry - Wounded at the Petersburg Mine Explosion

Item LTR-384
May 2, 1864 Robert C. Dunwoody
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4 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

May the 2nd, 1864
Bealeton Station, Virginia
Dear Friend

I implore this present time to address you a few lines to let you know that I am well at present hoping that these friendly lines may find you enjoying the same comforts of life. Also informing you that I received your letter of which I was very much pleased to receive. We have left Annapolis. We have been marching for 7 days. We marched from Annapolis to Washington and from Washington to Chantilly where we had the fight once and from that to Bull Run where we had another fight about one year ago. So from that we went to Bealeton Station where we are at present guarding the railroads with performance we never have performed before but I don’t suppose we will guard it very long, which is our luck not to stay very long in one place. If we could happen to stay one week in one place there would something happen most assuredly. Well there is nothing going on of any importance only they have got this recruits out to drill today that is a little of importance to them but they don’t think it very important They don’t like it very well to go out to drill and see our veterans lying in our quarters. It makes them as mad as thunder. Well we all (are) in the army of the Potomac once more and let me till you my friend, there is going to be something done this Spring. There is going to be an awful strike made and if we gain the victory, the Confederacy is gone up of the rebel states forever. I tell you, I had a big time when we was at camp Copeland. I was in Pittsburgh most every day. I went back to Newcastle. I had allowed to go up to North Liberty but I could not get a horse. There was not one in the livery stable. Riddle was along with me but I don’t know whether he went home or not. I started back to camp the next morning and that evening I went back to Pittsburgh. I was not in camp 4 nights all the time we was there. Well, I must draw these few uncomposed lines to a close for the present. Excuse the bad writing for I have a very poor pen. You wanted me to excuse your foul scrap of paper. There is no excusing for that. That is the right kind. That is the kind of letter I like to get. Your brother is well and all the rest of friends. So I will have to quit for my pen is giving out. Yours truly. Write soon.

Robert C. Dunwoody
To H. B. Miles

Direct to
Robert C. Dunwoody
Co. C 100 PVV
9th Army Corps via Washington