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49th Indiana Infantry - Surgeon

Item LTR-269
March 31, 1863 John A. Ritter
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter, written in period ink and war dated.

Camp McClernand
Millikins Bend, LA
March 31st 1863

Dear Margaret,

I take the present opportunity to write you a few lines. I am well and hearty and doing well. All things are looking more prosperous than they have for some time past. The heath of the Regiment is better than it has been for some time past. The boys seem more cheerful. We have had some quite cold days and nights. For a few days past it rained and hailed. We have had high winds during the hail storms. My tent [was] blown down, wet my bed clothes and I had a cold damp place to sleep that night. But I have been use to taking things rough and it made me feel thankful that I had a shelter to protect me from the pelting storms and I felt thankful that you and the children was not so much exposed I expect to that. I shall be better prepared to appreciate the comforts of home than I was before I left home and its comforts and I shall be more grateful to a kind providence for the many benefits and comforts bestowed on one so unworthy as I. I shall look to him as the source of all my happiness. I am making arrangements to try to get home. How I shall succeed I do not know. I had a talk with the medical director of the Division. He is opposed to my leaving but I think that he will approve my resignation. If he does not, I cannot get away. It has been a long time since I have heard from home. The last letter that I got was from Harriet Bancroft and Robert Higgins. Starten home a few days ago, I sent a letter by Higgins that I expect that you have seen before this time. I am very busy at this time. I have to make out monthly reports of the sick and wounded; a report of all the medicines hospital property seen and the amount on hand. I want to get my reports up there. I shall start my papers. I shall come home to be satisfied. If I cannot get through, I shall be disappointed. But I know that I shall not be the only one that is disappointed. I hope that you are well and enjoying life to the full extent as best as anyone that has an absent husband. I must stop for the present and go to making up my reports. We are a way from where news is plentiful. A paper is a rarity. The latest dates that I have seen is the 25th ; St. Louis papers. All things are quiet about this place. It is rumored that the Rebs are making another raid into Kentucky; that they are at Danville, Kentucky. But I think that Burnside will wake them up.

April 1. I did not conclude my letter last night. I am well and have put in the last four days close, fixing up my monthly reports. Nothing further at present but as ever Yours,

John A. Ritter

All is quiet in the part of the service and has been for sometime. Also U.S. Grant keeps all his plans to himself. He is informed, I trust. A jolly old fellow.