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153rd New York Infantry - Asst Surgeon

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November 1, 1863 Norman L. Snow
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4 pages in period ink:

Washington, D.C.
Nov. 1st, 1863
Friend Vandermen,

I received your kind, long letter, for which I mailed a long while and wondered too why you did not write, of course many reasons come up to mind. I am sorry that I misdirected my last letter for my father and Sisters were anxious to hear from you while they were visiting me. The next morning after receiving your last, I rode up to Columbia Co. Hospital inquired for Dr. Crosby, he was not in, could learn nothing from the clerks and asked to see Mrs. Crosby, found her a very admirable, pleasant lady.
Now Van I supposed you would be acquainted with the ladies informing her of my business, she immediately with much earnestness inquired concerning Cadet Vandermen. I assured her he was doing well, she told me that she could give me no information concerning the diploma, (Thorpe was in Baltimore), she wish to be remembered very kindly and promised me the doctor would write me on his return. I just now, while writing, received a note from the doctor. He says Thorpe left no papers with him neither could he make agues what became of the diploma. He also wished to be remembered. I no doubt a duplicate can be obtained from the Dean. I will see him tomorrow and you can write what for them you wish.
I have delayed seeing him until I received his note from Dr. Crosby. I don’t suppose the list will be enough. I think my friends had a very pleasant visit in the city at any rate we had a very pleasant visit from them and enjoyed their stay of two weeks very much. We visited I think all the important places and would like to have extended their visit to the Army of the Potomac, that of course was impossible. They went to Fairfax Seminary, Alexandria, etc. on the Virginia side saw one old camp and the road running to Bull Run, the principle place in and about the city, etc. It was one of the most pleasant two weeks that I ever spent but why need I tell you. The letter that you received from Father on home will tell you all.
Father did not receive the letter concerning the promotion until he returned home. I am sorry that you could not get the position. No man must be afraid to advocate his own cause in the army. I suppose you would have regarded it a very nice thing, if you could have obtained it and not made of a disappointment that you did not. I don’t know but I might get a promotion, but don’t like to leave the Regiment. There are many here I know and my friends. I understand the Surgeon Dr. Sutton of the 115th resigned quite a long while ago and that Ingleson is now at home sick.
Dr. Buckner wrote me a few days ago that Dr. Schemenhour of Fonda had died, this leaves quite an opening in Fonda. But army practice matters surpasses private and then to a man is not justifiable in leaving his country at this time. I feel as tough I should like to stay until we make a finish. I don’t think we would be contented to remain at home and have this man continue has affairs in regiment have met with no great change. Lt Col Primtey has resigned on account of ill health. The vacancy has not yet been filled. I think we will not remain in Washington much longer, the 178th N.Y.V. left yesterday for Tenn having been on duty in the city for a long time. The invalids will probably soon do the duty that we are doing now still, it is only a supposition.
I Remain Very Sincerely, N. Leslie Snow

Nov 3rd

I delayed sending this until I could have seen Dr. Riley. I have been there this morning, called at the house twice and did not find him in. Will delay sending this no longer but will see him as soon as possible and write you. There seems to be a cavalry Expedition of some kind fitting up in this city to and down the river. They were loading transports very fast yesterday. The Maisleus’s wish to be kindly remembered.