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14th Connecticut Infantry - Chaplain

Item LTR-208
January 4, 1865 Emmons P. Bond
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter, war dated.

Headquarters, 14th Connecticut Volunteers
Near Patrick Station

January 4th 1865

Mr. James Eastwood
Soldier’s Mission
City Point

Dear Sir,

Your note was received an evening or two since. Your package, which it announced, containing comfort bags, pamphlets, tracts, etc., had arrived several days previous. I have distributed them, aiming to give the comfort bags to such men as needed them and would use them. I regret that your letter did not reach me earlier so that I could have followed your directions more literally in the distribution.

Permit me on behalf of “the boys” who are enjoying your donation to thank you and through you the donors for your acceptable presents. The tracts, etc., I have aimed to distribute in such a manner that all in the regiment who wish may read them.

Very truly yours,

E. P. Bond
Chaplain of the 14th Connecticut Volunteers