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154th Tennessee Infantry

Item CON-9127
May 16-31, 1862 Edward Fitzgerald & Albert Butt
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Original Confederate document pertaining to rations for the 154th Tennessee Infantry. Document is signed by Colonel Edward Fitzgerald, Commanding the regiment and was killed in action at the Battle of Richmond, KY. Also signed by Lieutenant Albert Butt, Commanding Company E and was wounded at Richmond, KY.

(From Wikipedia):
The 154th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry was an infantry regiment from Tennessee that served with the Confederate States Army in the American Civil War. Raised originally in 1842 as the 154th Tennessee Militia it sought to retain its number and was as such also known as 154th (Senior) Tennessee Infantry (1st Tennessee Volunteers). Consolidating with the 13th Tennessee Infantry Regiment in March 1863 it was known as 13th-154th Tennessee Infantry Regiment; and had a number of temporary field consolidations until it was finally merged into the 2nd Consolidated Tennessee Infantry on April 9, 1865. The regiment surrendered with the remnants of the Army of Tennessee at Bennett Place on April 26, 1865. Col. Alfred J. Vaughan, commander of the consolidated 13th-154th Infantry Regiment.