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43rd North Carolina Infantry - Wounded and Captured at Gettysburg - POW Letter

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September 19, 1864 Colonel Thomas S. Kenan
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's POW letter. 1 page written in period ink.

U.S. Military Prison
Johnson’s Island, Ohio

September 19, 1864

Professor Hedrick,

You will perhaps be surprised to get a letter from me. But in consideration of the relation of instructor and pupil, that formerly existed between us at our University, you will of course pardon me. I received a letter from my cousin William Tull of Philadelphia, to whom I had written to procure me a Special Exchange, if possible. He stated that he had communicated my desire to you. I wish to enlist your sympathies in connection with Dr. Tull in my behalf and request you to exercise your influence for my release from prison. Special Exchanges are being made continually. Three officers have recently left this prison on the above terms. A nd should you be fortunate as to get an exchange for me, and one Federal Officer of my rank will be equally benefitted and you shall be peculiarly compensated in any reasonable amount, for the trouble you will have in your efforts to accomplish an object so desirable to me. I will be glad to hear from you immediately. In my last letter to Dr. Tull, I told him I should write you on this subject.

My brother Captain James G. Kenan, who was a student at our University, is also a prisoner here. If you can do anything for him, it will be deemed a personal favor.

I am very truly yours, etc.,

Thomas S. Kenan
Colonel, 43rd North Carolina Infantry, CSA
Prisoner of War

P.S. Letters of only one page in length are allowed to be written or received by prisoners. TSK