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57th Virginia Infantry - Wounded in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

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September 29, 1861 Christian S. Prillaman
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Original Civil War dated, 1 page Confederate letter written in period ink from Christian S. Prillaman of Company B, 57th Virginia Infantry.

Franklin County, VA

September 29th 1861

Captain W. T. James

A J. Clark reached home on Friday evening last in very feeble health and desires me to inform you that he will not be able to rejoin his company at the expiration of his furlough. There is no physician that he will have any possible chance to see and cannot, therefore, get a certificate. But I am by his bedside now (Sunday) and I will say to you upon my honor that he cannot leave home and undergo the fatigue of a journey back to the camp without endangering his life. In fact, it would be almost suicidal on his part to attempt such a thing now. He therefore desires an extension of his furlough until his health will permit his return.

You will please see Brother Fless and say to him that I was preparing to start to Richmond when Mr. Clark came home and informed me that the Regiment to which your company belonged was ordered to Western Virginia. Say to him I am ready to start any day and he has only to let me know where he is stationed.

Very Respectfully,
Your Friend,
Chris. S. Prillaman