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General William Wallace Harllee - Columbia, SC

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June 17, 1864 William Wallace Harllee
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Original one page Civil War period letter, war dated from Columbia, SC.

17th June 1864

William Birnie, Esquire

Dear Sir,

Your esteemed favor of the 31st ult. Was duly received with enclosures, for which I am very much obliged. Herein please find check on Bank of Charleston for $64. Balance due for all expenses against Aunt Jane’s Estate after paying the doctor’s bills as per statement enclosed.

I return Doctor Earle’s bill and will be much obliged if you will pay the same and send to me (here) receipted. I received a letter form William (in camp) about two weeks ago stating that either he or James would call at Mr. Bruist’s and prove the will on the first opportunity afforded them of visiting the city.

I trust that Mrs. Birnie and yourself are well. Mrs. Coates is still over at Mars Bluff at General Harllee’s.

I am sorry to say that she has been recently severely indisposed and the pleasure of her visit there marred in consequences.

Mrs. Price has also been quite sick at Camden but is now improving. My Mother, I am happy to say, is enjoying her usual health.

With my kind remembrance to Mrs. Birnie. I remain,

Very truly and respectfully yours,

A. Price