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94th New York Infantry - Chaplain

Item MED-9690
July 15, 1865 Philos G. Cook
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Headquarters 94th New York Volunteers
Balls Cross Roads, VA

July 15, 1865

Dear Wifey,

Yours of the 13th has just come to hand and been presented also one from our friend J. B. L. which I believe I will enclose. Mine written the fore part of this week will inform you better of our purposes than you knew when you wrote. It is our expectation to leave here on Wednesday next. Of course shall be very busy, I have today been copying names of our dead as they appear upon the rolls. A sad list to look over, though not as long as I supposed it would be when completed. It may not be quite correct and yet it is very nearly so, I presume.

The whole number of men on register from beginning about twenty five hundred (2500). Discharged 700, Desertions 256, killed in action 56; died of wounds 28, died of disease 94. Total deaths 178. This however does not include the deaths in 5 of the companies previous to March 1863, the time of the consolidation with 105th. These would perhaps swell the sum to 200. Less than 10 percent of the whole. Shall get at this more accurately by and by.

We are preparing to have a good meeting tomorrow P.M. in our tent chapel. The last we shall have. Chaplain Roe will be present bringing all he can of his men – 104th and 97th.

The 95th Bro. Harts regiment go in the morning – Sunday. Glad we don’t start then. Hope we shall be allowed to rest. George H and self, went to Mount Vernon yesterday – Good time.

You can write me again at Albany, if you please. Would like to have you at Stanwix Hall, Albany. Wrote on the corner of letter “to be call for.” Sorry Matie has loss her boarding place in A. Perhaps I shall go that way – guess not, that will take too long. Oh I must have you tell Mr. Briggs that I expect to bring my horse home and shall be much obliged if he will look out for a stable and some provender. Can’t he get a part of the barn opposite to us, where I used to keep Billy? It would be very handy for us both.

Well, I must close. It is really dark and I have to carry this to the post office a mile or more .

With much love as ever,

Yours P. G. C.