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20th Ohio Infantry - Surgeon

Item MED-9444
January 24, 1862 Edward L. Hill & Aaron Reeder
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 1 page, written in period ink.

City Barracks, Cincinnati, Ohio
January 24, 1862

Dr. M. Thompson
Mount Vernon, Ohio


Your letter relative to Private A. M. Reeder of Company G is before me and contents noted. In reply I will only say that your certificate as to his present condition is satisfactory, so far. Whenever he is able to return, in your opinion, you will furnish him your certificate that he was unable to return sooner, and why, and that satisfies the military law of our department. I hope you will not allow this natural desire to remain at home, while still drawing his pay, to pre-judge your opinion, but see that he is sent so soon as he can safely do so. He was very despondent and had nostalgia somewhat. I am much in the habit of sending those home who appear likely to be sick any length of time, because there is no place like home to a sick man. I shall not be willing to do so, unless men return at the expiration of their furloughs except for causes which I consider good.

Respectfully Yours,

Edward L. Hill, Surgeon 20th Ohio Volunteers