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46th Pennsylvania Infantry - Carver General Hospital

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July 9, 1865 Benjamin Sunderlin
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Carver, U.S. General Hospital
Washington, DC

July 9, 1865

My Dear Father:

Your letter of July 3 came through in four days. The day before I received one from Margaret that came in the same time. I know you will be disappointed if you should get this before I get home. I would have been home before this time if it had not been for the delay in my descriptive list. I shall hire a man to go after it tomorrow. Thought it may have come two days ago, but I don’t care. I want to know something about it, if it has not come. And I get it tomorrow, it is very likely that I shall get my papers the last of the present week. So I hope you will be patient and I shall try to be. There is plenty of little blacks here of all sizes and colors. I am sorry that my letter is so irregular. My health is not quite so good now as it was a few days ago. I think I am a little better today than yesterday. I have but little appetite. I have just been taking some most bitter pills. We have a good doctor. I think I will get better soon. I am walking around part of the time and part of the time laying down. If I should get worse, I will let you know immediately. I will here close.

Your Affectionate Son,

B. Sunderlin