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56th Massachusetts Infantry

Item MED-8631
October 19, 1864 William S. Henay
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

U.S. Army Hospital
Beverly, New Jersey
October 19th 1864

My Dear Wife,

Yours of the 16th came to hand this day. I feel grateful to God to learn that you are all in good health at home. I am feeling very well with the exception of my knee joint which remains about the same. A week ago today we had an examination here in Hospital for the Front and we are to have another tomorrow. All their examinations with me so far have proved about the same or in other words they let me remain as I am. How tomorrow’s examination will come off I can’t tell but I have good hopes that I shall be treated the same as before. If it should be so, I shall then take steps immediately after to procure my discharge.

I can sympathize with you in regard to your being out of funds. I am sorry but I hope you won’t feel any remorse of what is past. I am well aware that I have been the whole cause of your crippled circumstances at present but I live in hopes of being able to come out all right before a great while.

I finish writing this letter Friday 21st. I have just been examined for the second time since I returned from being on furlough. The Board of Examination said they could do nothing for me. They are sending a great many to the Front from here. I saw a squad of 15 go off this morning and about the same number on Wednesday last. These examinations are to take place every week until further notice.

I intend to have my name sent in for discharge the next time the board sits for that purpose which will probably be in a few weeks. I am sorry that Bridget has been disappointed about Andrews not coming back in the same vessel that he went away in. But I hope he will come out all right and come home when she least expects him.

I received those postage stamps you sent me. I am much obliged to you and if you could manage to send me a dollar or two in your next I shall be a thousand times obliged you. I have sent for my Descriptive List to the Regiment and I expect soon to hear from it. We will be paid off in a few weeks.

Give my love to all. Millie, Fanny, Katie, Baby, yourself and Sister Kate.

Your loving husband,

William S. Henay