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4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery - 18th Army Corps Hospital, Bermuda Hundred

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October 20, 1864 Edwin Dexter
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Base Hospital
October the 20th 1864

My Dear Girl Clara,

After a long time, I seat myself to answer that letter that I got from you that I received in your Comfort Box that I got from you. It was a very welcome present to me. As it came from a girl from the north. It does us all sorts of good to get such things from you. It makes us think that we are not forgotten by you. I had the box for some time. But I have had so much to do here that I have not had time to write you before. But you must excuse me this time then. I have been wanting to get my likeness taken to send it to you. And I would like yours in return.

I have seen a great deal of hardships this summer. I was taken sick and sent to the hospital and when I got able to get around, the doctor sent me to work here taking care of the sick and wounded soldiers. And I am very glad to do so. For I am not stout enough to undergo a soldier’s life in the field. But I can do this work very well.

My health is very good at present and Miss Clara, I hope that these few lines will find you in good health. I will write all of the particulars in my next. I close by saying goodbye for this time. Please answer this as soon as you get this oblige.

Erwin Dexter

Direct to:
Erwin Dexter
Base Hospital
The 18th Army Corps
Bermuda Hundred, Virginia