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108th New York Infantry - Wounded at Chancellorsville

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January 24, 1864 Stephen Richardson & Seth Wells
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink. Letter is written to Corporal Seth Wells of the 108th New York Infantry - Wounded at Gettysburg.

Sherburn Barracks, DC

January 24th 1864

Friend Seth

Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity of writing a few lines to you. Hoping they will find you improving in health and strength, as I am happy to say this leaves me in tolerable health at present. Thanks be to God for his tender mercies to us all.

I suppose you think by this time I have forgotten you. As I have not wrote to you for so long a time. But I can assure you, it is not the case. For the respect you showed me on the bloody field of Chancellorsville when I was wounded and bleeding. I say no, I can never forget such friendship. As I know it was the saving of my life. And if I am never able to pay that debt of gratitude to you on this Earth, I hope the Lord will reward you in the World to come for saving the life of a fellow being, who must have perished if relief was not at hand.

Seth, I received yours sent to me at Convalescent Camp, which gave me great pleasure to hear from you. Since then, I have been traveling the country round almost. I have been out to Columbus, Ohio with deserters and convalescents from Convalescent Camp, Virginia, for General Grant’s Army. Then returned to Washington and are now stationed at these barracks near the Capitol, where we shall in all probability remain for some time. I have been appointed Quartermaster Sergeant at these barracks. There is nine companies of the First Battalion in the barracks. I get along tolerable well at the business for a green hand. But they say practice makes perfect and I think there is room for improvement. At least you will think so when you receive this. As I have scribbled it off in a hurry. But perhaps you will be able to make it out. My wife wrote me you are at home and I hope you had a good time. I wish I was with you, but not to be sick in hospital. I have heard nothing from the Regiment since I wrote to you last. Neither has our Noble Captain sent my discipline list to the Invalid Corps yet.

When you write, send me word how you like Saint Mary’s Hospital, etc., etc.. I have nothing of importance to relate to you this time. So, I now conclude with my kind love to you.

I remain yours.

Stephen Richardson

Quartermaster Sergeant Stephen Richardson
1st Battalion, Invalid Corps
Sherburn Barracks
Washington, DC