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123rd New York Infantry - POW at Chancellorsville & KIA at Aiken's Creek, VA

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December 7, 1863 William A. Tooley
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

December 7th 1863

Eber Tooley

Dear Brother,

I have not heard from you since I wrote you. But I thought I would write you a few words tonight. We are well. I have been sick for a number of weeks but am getting better now. We have just received our box from home today. Everything came through all right. It is the fifteenth day since they sent it. That is not very bad. The books and all were just what we sent for. I have been think a long time about sending to you for a watch. But hate to risk it. Horace says it is a good place to buy a watch. There at Albion and better at Rochester. I have a little money to spare so I think I will send it to you anyhow and if you think it very unsafe to send the watch, you can keep it or send it to John. But I would like the watch. Horace thinks it would be safe enough to get a small pasteboard box, a pocket knife box for instance, and pack it tightly with cotton wool or something of the kind. Then get a cheap handkerchief or something that will answer the same purpose and wrap it close around the box so as to hide it in the form of a package. Then put on your envelope so that it cannot slide out. But perhaps you will think of some better way. I think you had better try it if you do send it as soon as possible. Do not wait for me to write again. Get a good one hunters case. Get it cheap enough so you will have enough to pay expenses left if you can. I will send you twenty dollars if you can get a good one for less do. So you need not mind about the size, for I am not very particular about that. Be sure and get a detached lever if any.

Write soon. Good bye. I remain your affectionate brother Eber Tooley

William A. Tooley

Alvin, I would like to work with you this winter, but Uncle Sam will not let me go for two years more.

William A. T.