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10th New York Heavy Artillery

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December 4, 1862 Sanford D. Hunt
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Fort Wagner
December 4th 1862

Dear Brother,

Your welcomed letter was received yesterday afternoon. I am happy to learn that you are improving and hope you will continue to do so. I am in the same fix as yourself as regard to news. You know how it is in camp. The same monotonous story every day. We had the benefit of seeing about 15,000 troops pass during Monday and Tuesday. They went to some point down the river from here. I do not know where. I have had a letter from Amelia and Father since I last wrote to you. They were all well. Father’s business seems to be better though common this season. I am glad and hope he will do well. I presume you hear from home as often and perhaps more often than I do. I do not think that they are very good to write very often. My folks at Adams Center were all well at last accounts. Captain G was ordered to stay 20 days more at home so he is still absent. His time will be up the 20th of this month. I hope he will be allowed to return then for he writes that he had rather be here than there. And that it is impossible to get recruits for 3 years now. Well, I am glad if you have got paid. For you must need it bad by tis time. We have not got paid yet. And I do not much think we shall be before the 1st of January, if then. Although, I heard today that we would be paid next week. But that next week has got to be an old story. I should like it if you could spare me a few dollars until I do get paid. As I am out of money and have been for some time, except whatever I can earn mending, etc.. Say $10 or if you can’t, I can do with less. But I owe a few men here and I would pay it off when I could.

About you coming to see me. I shall be very glad to see you if you can come. But let me advise you to keep in good quarters until you get hearty well. For if you should be taken worse again, it might go hard with you. But when you do come, I will make it as comfortable for you as I can here. You will need a pass from the Provost Marshal I suppose. This headquarters is at the corner of 19th I Street. You then can take the avenue cars for the Navy Yard and the bridge that you have to cross is just this (the east) side of the Navy Yard. Our boys are guarding the bridge now. And maybe will, when you come, but any of them can direct you directly to Fort Wagner. I have not heard anything from Horace yet. I suppose he is somewhere near Fredericksburg.

Well, it is some time after taps and I must close. Write as often as you can and when you get strong and well enough to stand such fare as I can give you, come and see me if you can. But I must stop. So, goodnight.

Yours affectionately,

Sanford D. Hunt
Battery B, 7th Battalion
New York Volunteer Light Artillery

P.S. They say that our regimental organization has all fell through and that we are still light artillery. But will stay in these forts and act as Heavy for the present. You can take the street cars at the depot and ride to the office, get your pass and then take the cars again to the Navy Yard. The fare is 5 cents a trip, long or short.