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111th Pennsylvania Infantry & 22nd Veteran Reserve Corps

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February 12, 1864 James A. Stapleton
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

South End of Long Bridge

February 12th 1864

Respected Friend,

It is with pleasure that I seat myself to inform you that I am well and I hope these few lines may find you enjoying the same blessing. You will have to excuse me for not writing sooner. /For I have been sick for a long time but my health is pretty good now. I was at Chester when I received your letter last September. But I have left that place and seen some very rough times since I left there. I was sent from Chester to Harrisburg and I was transferred to the Invalid Corps. And from there I was sent to Scranton and from Scranton, I was sent to Hazelton. And from Hazelton back again to Scranton. And from Scranton to Pittston and back to Scranton again and from Scranton to Harrisburg. And from there to Baltimore and from there to Washington. We were up in the coal regions enforcing the draft. Never made me think more about home than when I received the two photographs. I was so much pleased with them. I should have sent you my photograph before this time but I have been knocked around so much that I have had no chance to get it taken. But I will send it to you in my next letter. I would like to have your photograph to see how you look since I left home. The time is fast approaching when my time will be out and I expect to return home. I am very glad to hear that you think of me and put my clothes in away that they will not rot. There was a vest in my trunk that Frank Stanton pledged for whiskey to me. Which I got at your Uncle’s. And gave it to him. You remember the time we was making the New Road from the river through the farms and and when he was going away. I wanted him to release his best and he would not do it. And the best remained there since for the want of being released. And I was never through of it since. Give my love to Ma and Pa and Timothy and Letty and Katy and Rose and to all inquiring friend. Please write soon for fear of my being moved from this place. Give my respect to Neil Taylor and wife and to Tad Taylor and wife and to Toby and wife. No more at present.

But remains your kind friend,

James A. Stapleton

Direct your letter to:
James A. Stapleton
Company B
22nd Regiment, Invalid Corps
Washington, DC