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123rd New York Infantry - Wounded at Clip's Farm, GA

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November 18, 1864 John Martin
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

U. S. A. General Hospital
Albany November 18, 1864

Dear Sir,

You and I are almost strangers and I am sorry it is so. I often wonder why you didn’t write to me where I was down in Dixies land.

I have had various experiences since I left for the war. I wish I felt now as I did then but I am candid to say I am not now as I was then. I am sorry it is so. I hope I may be able to be so again.

A certain kind of pride would ask me to be still but I cannot. It is perhaps useless for me to attempt to tell you in how many ways I have come for short of the glory of God, nay done wickedly – thought wickedly and unbelievingly. You know the accident that befell me last June. I was at the time I received the wound trying to live right, perhaps not over half trying. I then verily believed that if I recovered I would be so thankful and faithful that I would never wander more. Yet at the very time I had so much pride that I told Mr. White that I had nothing particular to regret. I felt somewhat so but I mistook. I am writing very plain to you. I want a plain answer.

I left a letter of membership with Mrs. Webster. I did this because I saw that I ran the risk of losing my membership at Argyle and then I would be placed outside of the church. Now I feel that my experience is not what it ought to be, yet I want to remain in the right place . Nor can I see the propriety of breaking off to take a new start. I think such a course would be wicked. Hoping to hear from you soon. I have the honor to remain,

Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
John Martin

To Reverend J. M. Webster
Relcher, NY

P.S. My address is
Corporal John Martin
Ward K
U.S.A. General Hospital, Albany, NY