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27th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel

Item LTR-89
August 11, 1863 Colonel Charles D. Pennebaker
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Period ink, 2 page letter written by the Colonel of the regiment.

Headquarters, Mumfordville, KY
August 11th, 1863

R. Marshall Esq.
Superintendent Son & WRR


I have been very much annoyed by remarks made by you to me on the morning of the 10th (Monday) and 11th (Tuesday) concerning Capt. J. M. Huntington A.Q. M. at this Post.

On Monday morning I saw you in your office, and after a short conversation, personal to myself you remarked, “I will tell you which you have got at your Post.” I asked “what is that sir.” You replied, “You have a God-damned scoundrel for a Quartermaster.” I then asked you, “do you mean Capt. Huntington?” to this you answered “Yes! And I intend to kill him on sight.” I then remarked “you will find this a two handed game” and left you. Having reflected much about the threat contained in your remarks, I determined on Tuesday morning to speak to you again about it. On Tuesday morning just before the train on which I left the city for my Post, started, I called you aside and said “Mr. Marshall, I hope you were not in earnest in the threats you uttered against Capt Huntington yesterday morning.” When you answered “never more in my life, that came from the bottom of my heart, I have one of the damndest letters from him any man ever read, I have got it in my drawer now.” I then left you.

These threats were pronounced in a most deliberate manner and tone of voice and were reiterated with equal deliberation after twenty four hours of reflection. Now whilst I am not anxious to become a party to personal difficulties between you and Capt. Huntington, I have conceived it to be my duty as an officer and a citizen, to recite the conversations of Monday and Tuesday morning to you, and demand an unconditional retraction of the threats made, and also that you tender to Capt. Huntington a proper apology for the threats you made against him.

I have furnished Capt H, with a copy of this note. Your reply to this will be expected by Friday’s mail if not earlier, and as you have other remedies for all wrongs done you than those contained in your threats, the terms of your reply must necessarily fix future responsibilities in this matter.

I have the honor to remain
Sir respectfully
Signed C. D. Pennebaker
Col, Commanding