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41st Ohio Infantry

Item LTR-8611
September 21, 1864 John L. Bower
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Camp 41st Ohio set
Near Atlanta, GA
September 21st 1864

Ever Dear and Remembered Cousin,

I was made very happy a few days since by the receipt of a letter from yourself informing me that you were all well. So you looked for my name among the killed and wounded, did you? Oh you dear foolish little cousin and do you suppose that if I would consent and have my name put on such a list, to be read by the whole county? No, sooner would I not be killed or wounded at all. Now don’t you think that I am sensible (in that respect). I am happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself and have lots of parties to go to. But the ladies (the young ones especially) say that the boys are so scarce (least where I live) that there is not enough to make up a decent party. In fact the boys are so scarce that the girls (God bless them) have to take each other to the parties. You say that you will look for a letter from me before this month is out. I don’t know whether you will get it before that time. As not but think you will.

Oh Cousin, is there any young and good looking ladies of your acquaintance that would like to offer a correspondence with one or two very good looking soldiers of Buckeye extraction. You may think it strange that I ask you such a question. But I was requested to do so by a couple of my particular friends. And of course I would not refuse. If there should be any, let me have their addresses and be assured that the correspondence will be carried out in the most friendly and gentlemanly manner. At least as far as a soldier is capable of being a gentleman. And we flatter ourselves that we can act the part of that most rare and enviable bias a gentleman when the necessities of the case require it and be done. And now Cousin, I will say that I am well and hope that when this reaches you it will find you also well and your brothers entirely over their calamities. Well I must close. Please give my love to all friends of the Union and our cause and oblige your Cousin,

Sergeant John L. Bower

P.S. I need not tell you how happy I shall be to hear from you soon. For you know already that. Your letters are always anxiously look for and received with joy and read with pleasure.
I shall look for a great long letter next time.

Jo. Bower

Are almost completely demolished but the round house and the forts are the worst. They are completely riddled with shells from every direction. The citizens have almost all left the city. Some go south and some north. It is a very pretty place and has once been a flourishing place of 15,000 or so inhabitants, before there was last 4th of July it contained 40,000 inhabitants.