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6th Vermont Infantry

Item LTR-8399
February 3, 1862 Frank H. Robbins
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Vermont Regiment
Company D

Camp Griffin
6th Regiment Vermont Volunteers

February 3, 1862

Dear Friends,

I now take my pen to write a few lines to pen and let you know that I am still alive and well. And hope this will find you the same. The mud is very deep here. We have a little rain once in a while. But it soon turns to mud. We do not have much to do and do not get much news. I received your letter last night and was glad to hear from you and to hear that you was well. The boys are all as could be expected. Except Virginia Coffs and that is the devil and all.

You said you wanted I should write what I wanted done with my money. I want you should do as you please with the state pay and the Batchelder farm, if you want that or any other place that suits you. I will do what I can towards paying for it. I have sent twenty dollars to the Treasury and shall have twenty more before the first of April. And if you want the Batchelder farm, I think it would be a good plan. And I can pay for it I think. I have my health and I think Charley wants to see that twenty acres that he was going to let George have. You had better buy that too. And the hay will help pay for it. You could keep two cows, a horse and a yoke of oxen and a few sheep. And sell the rest of the hay. And I think you and Hob would carry it on and clear up a piece every year. And raise a good deal of grain. And if Hob will do what he can, he shall not loose anything. If you could not get a yoke of cattle this spring, perhaps you could get along. If Charley keeps oxen, you could get his to use some. And if you should buy that, have the writings made. Write and I will do all I can towards paying for it.

February 3rd

Well it snows here today. Look like Vermont. But it will not last long. Well, I have not more to write. We expect to move from here sometime. But do not know when nor where. You did not write whether you had sent my undershirts or not. If you have or have not got them yet. I cannot write much more. So goodbye. Write when you get this and write what you are going to do. Give my respect to all the folks.

This from

B. H. Robbins.