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123rd New York Infantry - Wounded at Dallas, GA

Item LTR-8202
October 9, 1862 Horace H. Tooley
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Pleasant Valley
Tuesday, October 9th 1862

Mr. Eber Tooley

Dear Brother,

I received a letter form you and was very glad to hear from you. I think that you are lucky that you stayed at home where you have some friends. Where if you are sick, you can be taken care of. You are better off by far than as though you were here. I do not write this hoping that you will think I am sick of this camp life. For I am not. Although I would like to be at home and all the rest probably would. And I would like to have you down here.

We are in Maryland in Pleasant Valley, 2 mile form Harpers Ferry. It is very rough, rocky country. There is nothing but camps and soldiers for 5 or six miles around McClellan’s Army is close by us. Also Burnsides’ and Banks’ forces. We have been to Frederick City. That is one of the pleasantest places that we have seen yet. It looks like Granville. I was in hopes that we would stay there. But could not have that privilege. Do you hear anything about the war being about tossed up? Some of the boys think they will be home in a short time. Others think they will not come home in three years. That is the way they talk here.

I understand that B. Baker has left his place and P. Dilingham has taken it back again. He has done well if it is true, as well as I expected.

Frank Cook is homesick enough. He wants to come home very bad. He pretends to be sick but home is the greatest trouble with him. We are in good health and enjoying ourselves first rate. Eber, that bill of Warren is right. I did not think of that $2.00 of yours.

William is writing to Granville tonight.

I do nto think that you can make out what this scribbling is for I have written it in a hurry. I received yours just at dark and sit down and answered it. Write soon.


H. H. Tooley