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125th Ohio Infantry - Wounded at Chattanooga

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January 9, 1865 John A. Bell
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Huntsville, Alabama
Headquarters, 4th Army Corps

January 9th 1865

Dear Brother,

I received one letter from you that was written at Murfreesboro. I passed through that place on the 13th of November 1864. But did not know that you were there until I got to Pulaski, Tennessee, where I got your letter which told me where you were. But it was an accident that I got the letter at all. As you directed it to my Regiment. It was the first and last time that I have seen my regiment for some time. As I stay at Headquarters of the 4th Corps. I got a pair of boots and a pair of socks from home this morning. Mr. Burk brought them to me from home. He has been at home on furlough. He belongs to the 15th Ohio and he was fetching me tobacco and gloves and you and me each a hat. But he says it was all stolen from him at Nashville. Except my boots and socks. Which I hate awful bad to lose the things which our folks sent to me. Father was sending me a hat for you. But it has gone forever. And how do you think that Father thought I would get to give you your hat when we are so far apart that even letters cannot pass from you to me. But I hope you will answer this. As I have not gotten an answer from the one that I wrote to you at Nashville while Hood had that City besieged. Our folks are all well except Sarah. But she is getting better very fast. Hoping to hear from them soon. I close by saying that we have done some big fighting and whipped Mr. Hood and his men was awfully slaughtered. And then we have marched all the way from Nashville to this place. And we had to forage for both man and beast, as we could not haul any supplies. But now I think that we will have good times for I have got a good and nice room for my quarters and good feather bed to crawl into. Where I will soon be. For it is late at night and I have written a long letter home and this one since dark. My health is good. But it has only been about ten days since I left the hospital. I was very sick and thought I might die. But thank fortune, I am well again. Hoping these few lines will be answered by you in good health and spirits. I will bid you good night kind Brother and then I will retire.

Direct J. A. Bell
Headquarters, 4th Army Corps
Care of Captain Tousley

I remain as ever your affectionate Brother,
John A. Bell

Stanley Bell
Company D, 174th Ohio