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115th New York Infantry - Captured at Harper's Ferry

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August 23, 1864 Joseph C. Abeel
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period pencil.

Camp of the 115th New York Infantry Volunteers
Bermuda Hundred, Virginia

August 23rd 1864

Friend Morgan,

I now take my pencil in hand to write you a few lines. I am well and hope they may find you the same. Since I have joined my Company, I have been in three different engagements and two skirmishes. So, you see we are not all together idle. For the past 8 days Morgan, the 115th has had a tough time of it. So much so that they are about played out. Out of six nights, I only got one night’s rest. The balance of the time, we were marching and fighting. We have done a great deal of marching nights and when we halted for rest, I could not sit down and go to sleep. About as soon. God knows I don’t want to see another six days as hard work while I am in the service. The Regiment lost in killed, wounded, and prisoners 94. So, we have only 132 muskets in the Regiment. Now that is a field report and you know you can’t count a man for duty that has no gun. Here, Morgan, the Pay Master has not come to us yet. But as soon as he does, I will send you what I am indebted to you. How does business go now? Are we now as brisk as when I was there? If so, you must be about played out. How does George Proefer nowadays/. Is he in NY? If so give him my respects.

I believe I have written all the news for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon. I will close. Accept compliments.

From your friend,

J. C. Abeel
Company C, 115th New York State Volunteers
Bermuda Hundred, Virginia

P.S. Please excuse lead pencil as ink is scarce.


To: M.L.H.