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116th Illinois Infantry

Item LTR-7386
January 23, 1864 Eli Montgomery
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Larkinsville, Alabama
January 23, 1864

Dear Uncle,

I take the opportunity to drop you a few lines in which I will inform you that I am enjoying good health at this time. And when this comes to hand, I hope it will find you and all my friends enjoying the same blessing. The health of the soldiers in this encampment is tolerably good. We have been here long enough that those that are industrious, has comfortable quarters by this time. It is thought that we will stay here until spring. If so, we will get a good rest. Which will be very acceptable to us. For we was on the trains for nearly 3 months before we stopped at this place and have been in several engagements. We have been very fortunate on our fall campaign and have been blessed with health in all our marches. We have a very nice camp and water is handy and plenty. And plenty of wood.

Uncle Robert, I wrote a part of this yesterday and commenced again this morning before we went to preaching. At 1 o’clock we went out on Division drill for the first time in 3 or 4 months. We found the drill ground nice and dry. This is a first-rate country. It is productive and the timber is good and the water is plenty. There is lots of cedar in this country. The cars run on this road daily from Stevenson to Huntsville. The road will be made through to Memphis this winter. The people of this country for the union generally to most of the Rebels are gone.

There has been several companies made up in this county (Jackson) and adjoining counties. There is a considerable stir in the old regiments. They are reenlisting fast. It said that the commissaries are going to start together in St. Louis in a few days. They have gone in as veterans.

Our company numbers only about 28 present and all able for duty. I haven’t anything of importance to write at this time. I will close for this time. Write to me as soon as you can. Give my best wishes to Uncle Alexander, Bell’s family and all inquiring friends. No more. But wish to remain your worthy nephew,

Eli Montgomery