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23rd & 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

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March 3, 1862 Samuel Fell
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Stanton
March 3rd 1862

Dear Mother,

I believe that I never will get through telling you where to write or send a note. The last time we had left the 23rd Regiment and gone into the 67th Pennsylvania Volunteers. There are five companies of us that had to go into this regiment. It was not full and we had fifteen companies in the 23rd. So five of us had to go leave and go into this. We hated to do it. But we had to. The old Lieutenant Colonel cried when we left and so did most all of the officers. But it could not be helped. For General McClennan (McClelland) won’t have but a thousand in a regiment. This is a hard looking regiment that we have gotten into. But our five companies are going to get together and have nothing to do with the rest of them. Our Colonel’s name is Rippey. He was a lieutenant colonel in the 7th Regiment when we were out in the three month service. He is a very common man. The boys like him first rate. Well Mother, there is nothing more to write that I know of. We are all well and hope these few lines will find you all the same. Tell Thad to tell Biley Statles how to direct his letter. For I can’t write to all and tell them how to write and send. Like to give my love to all and oblige.

Your affectionate Son,


Direct your letters the same as before only to the 61st Regiment instead of the 23rd and Camp Stanton instead of Camp Birney and Company D instead of L for our letter has changed.

Samuel Fell
Company D
61st Pennsylvania Volunteers
Camp Stanton
Near Washington
In care of Captain Dilley