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107th New York Infantry - Wounded at New Hope, GA

Item LTR-7193
April 9, 1865 Theodore Osborne
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

New Albany, Ind.
Apr 9th 1865

Friend Halsey

I received your long looked for last Friday and was pleased to hear that you were in good health and spirits and hope you may hold your old parish during the remainder of your term. I am well, hearty as a buck. Am driving a team, the best one in the stable, an d have a good time generally. Have got acquainted with a number of ladies which I manage to meet quite often, and that makes the time pass more pleasantly. I have four months from the 7th of this month, which time will pass very pleasantly if I remain here, and I have no doubt but I will.

I hear from Caton quite often. Meal wrote last week that all were well. They have had a big flood along the river this spring. The water run through the streets of Corning, tore up the R.R. and raised the devil generally. We have had big water here in the Ohio, but the weather is warm and plenty of rain. It is raining here today like all mad. The farmers are plowing and sowing, but I don’t suppose there will be much plowing done in Caton for some time yet. I wish I was there to plow some this spring, but can’t be. I will get home in time to work in harvest some if nothing happens, but I don’t suppose we could do much of a day’s work now, but I could carry the water pail and jug I reckon.

I got a letter from Wescott and Leame last night. They are all well and are near Newbern, N.C.
They say they have seen some hard times this winter, but are in good spirits. George has got to be an officer in the army. Corporal Wescott, well he deserves a promotion, for he has been one of the best soldiers and went into battle like a man. It’s a big thing to be a corporal, but I can’t see it. I had rather be a hostler than orderly sergeant. John Rathbon had got to be a first lieutenant I hear. Bully for John. The boys said Rile was with them in the 1st Brigade. Sento is near there in the 24th Corps they say. Did not say as they had seen him. I don’t know why he don’t write me. I hain’t heard from him since last fall, only via Ameal. I heard from Jerusia a few days ago. She is well and is rather lonely. She has not written since last fall. I hear that Nell and Jerusia has fell through and that accounts for her writing to me. I hain’t heard from Till in a long time. Don’t know how she is getting along. I have not heard from Julia in some time but hope she is all right. I heard from Merrits not long ago. They are sore ass to be around. I suppose Bish has got through with the shits and is all right. Tell him to keep his nose clean and be a nice boy.

My respects to all the boys with you see them, and write soon and I remain yours as ever,

Theo Osborn

Address as before