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12th Connecticut Infantry

Item LTR-6974
December 22, 1861 Alexander Avery & Directus Belden
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Camp Lyon Hart, CT
December 22, 1861

Friend Thomas,

As I have not gone to church today, I will devote a portion of the time in writing you. I have not anything in particular to communicate just now. So you must excuse me if I do not write much more than two or three sheets of paper. This is one splendid day for the 22nd of December isn’t it. Should have gone to church but am rather banged up with a cold. Nothing serious I think, however, it has been pretty cold here for a few days past. I have not suffered any from it though. We have been very comfortable thus far. Fred and John have just now arrived from meeting. I tell you the way they are pitching into the bread and beef is a commotion. Fred is as tough and hardy as the next fellow. John is a little under the weather. That may be easily accounted for by just taking into consideration that he is a married man and has been from home 3 weeks.

Direct is not very well. Expect he is thinking of a certain person whose handkerchief he brought out with him when he came the last time. But I will make room for him to speak for himself.

(Alexander Avery)

Friend Thomas,

I take this opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know what kind of fellow Alex is this morning when he crawled from his roost. He was as ugly as any old woman. But after devouring half of an ox and a large piece of bread, he felt a great deal better. I wish you could see him when he gets his gun on his shoulder. Looks ugly I tell you.

I like camp life first rate. Wish I had enlisted before. Don’t know but I shall enlist over again. Please excuse this and write me as soon as you get this. I would write more but Alex has used up most of the paper.

Yours truly,

Directus F. Belden

Direct the same as before only in care of Company K, E. K. Abbott.