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10th Wisconsin Infantry - Killed at Perryville, KY

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December 8, 1861 Andrew H. Parmenter
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Camp Abercrombie
December 8th 1861

Dear Cousin,

I received a letter from you and Francis a few days ago. I was in the hospital sick with the measles. I am here yet but I am getting better so that I can write a letter. I think I will get out in a few days. The doctor said I had the measles very hard. But if I was careful now, I would come round alright in time. I shall not probably drill any for three or four weeks. Before I was taken sick, I had gained 12 lbs. since I left Wyuna. But I think I have lost more than that since I was taken sick. We shall probably not stay here much longer. There are five or six hundred state troops encamped about half a mile from here and I understand as soon as they are as such well enough to protect this bridge, we shall go farther south. I do not care how soon we leave for it is very muddy here every little rain. The doctors say it is not healthy here. We shall not have any chance to fight till we go farther south. The nearest rebel force is about 60 miles. General Buckner has a large force near Bowling Green. But he is surrounded so that he has got to fight or starve. Pretty soon our union army is about 50 miles from here at Elizabethtown. We may join them. Next week we do not know when we shall leave or where we shall go yet. Banister, one of the boys of our company, died with the fever last week. There is but one of our boys in here now. He is not very sick. I believe all of the boys from Wyuna are well. Marcus enjoys himself first rate. He is healthy and as fat as a pig. You tell Frank I do not think I shall write to him till I get another letter from him to make up as much as I wrote to him. I have not had a letter from home since I have been here. I do not know why they do not write. I have written to them and told them where to direct. If any body is wondering why I do not write to them. You tell them to write to me and I will tell the season why. It does me as much good to get a better visit does to get my dinner. I want you to write to me every week and tell other to write and I will answer them. Our captain’s name is Twogood. He is a little man, weighs about 120 lbs.. we all like him first rate. He was captain of a company in the first regiment. We like our field officers very well. We have got a smart little colonel. He was adjutant in the first regiment. He is brother in law to our captain. I am getting tired and I cannot write much more. Please write as soon as you get this.

From your cousin,

A. H. Parmenter


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