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10th Connecticut Infantry

Item LTR-6376
February 4, 1862 Frederick G. Bushnell
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

General Hospital
4th of February 1862

Friend Mary,

If Jimmy be allowed, so to speak, you will find from the heading that I am in hospital. I am just recovering from a very violent attack of measles. I am glad to say that I am convalescing rapidly. This is a dreadfully dismal place. At night you lie down with your comrade breathing beside you and you awake in the morning to find him dead! Such is life in the hospital. To add to the forlornness of our condition, the weather for a long time has been unspeakably gloomy. But the picture has alas its bright side. Here, I have a few kindred spirits with whom I reciprocate feeling and sentiment. After all, our greatest happiness lies in the feast of reason and the flow of soul!

I belong to the 10th Connecticut Regiment and have had the pleasure of meeting with our cousin Harvey who is in the same company. Unfortunately, poor fellow, his health is not first class, however, is still in the regiment which is a part of the Burnside Expedition.

In a letter which I received from home yesterday, I find that my sister, Anne, went to school at her cousin Zina Newels in West Durham, New York. I have written to her and expect an answer soon.

You may remember eating a phillopena with me the last time we met. I have not forgotten this and if you are agreeable, I will send you the forfeit.

William Smith sends you his warm regards. When I write next, I will give you more news with an account of the expedition, etc.

And now hoping that you will pardon this intrusion and answer him who is your and considers you, his friend.

Frederick G. Bushnell

From Frederick G. Bushnell
Miss Mary Tucker