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101st Pennsylvania Infantry - POW at Plymouth, NC

Item LTR-609
July 25, 1863 Alexander William Taylor
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4 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Headquarters 101st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
Plymouth, NC
July 25, 1863

Ms. L. Bunson,
Six months have elapsed since I addressed a few lines to your former home, in the hope that I might once more hear from you. Once more - and but once - I ask your pardon for this, perhaps, unwelcome intrusion. If you receive this, it would afford me pleasure to receive a note in reply, from yourself or husband. Over two years have passed since I entered the service of my Country as a captain in the 101st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.
Since that time strange events have transpired. I was with McClellan on the Peninsular of Virginia last summer and passed through the campaign on the banks of the Chickahominy. Since then we were at Suffolk, Va and for six or eight months in the Department of North Carolina, where we are now. I have wondered where you are – how you are and how life has passed since I saw you in 1858.
Since then I have buried three sisters. Now I have no sister, except those who are in heaven! O What a blank this world is without a sister. The last one died June 6, 1863. “How transient are all things here below.” Perhaps I am now writing to one who has been dead and buried for years. I have a strange desire to know whether you still live.
Will you gratify that desire by writing a few lines on reception of this? What has become of your cousin “Dora” – was that not her name? What has become of Elliott or Ferguson, I forget which of these names he bore?
I heard from you once through a M. E. Preacher named Kennedy – four years ago – or more. I was then a member of Pittsburg Conference.
It grows late and I will close by the urgent request that you will write me, if it be but a line, or request your husband to write, if you prefer it.

I have the honor to remain
Yours Respectfully
A. W. Taylor
Major 101st Regt Pennsylvania Volunteers
Newbern, NC
Wessell’s Division
Newbern, NC