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100th Pennsylvania Infantry

Item LTR-5936
April 12, 1863 Joseph Wooley
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Camp Dick Robinson
Gerald Co. Kentucky
April 12th, 1863
Dear Father

I take my pen to answer your last letter of March 18th received yesterday. By our moving, the mail was detained and the first mail we got since coming here was yesterday. We are about (in) the center of this state at present but we expecting to move every day and expect to see considerable fighting ahead. We lay at Lexington 10 days. It is the capital of this state and a very fine city surrounded by a beautiful country. This is one of the most beautiful countries that ever traveled but I put down old Virginia as the worst. I have nothing of much importance to communicate at this time only that my health is very good at present. I am sorry to hear that your health is failing you but hope God will support you through the many troubles and afflictions of this life. I hope we may both live to meet again on earth but hope is all that I can do. We were payed off while at Lexington but I would rather not risk any money from here by letter as I consider the chance of loosing it in that way is as great as the chance of loosing it by keeping it by me until I have an opportunity of sending it by some trusty one and as there is furloughs granted now, I may soon have an opportunity. And should I either be taken prisoner or wounded, money would be of great service to me rather than risk my chance in a government hospital or mercy of the enemy. But I will send some the first opportunity I have of sending it safe. I received the two dollars you sent me at Newport News. I got my likeness taken in Lexington. I will send it to you. I have nothing more of importance to write at present. I send my best wishes to (the) Christy’s family and all the friends. I still remain your loving and dutiful son.

J.H. Woolley
Direct to Joseph H. Woolley, Co E
100th Reg, PA Vols, First Division
9th Army Corps via Cincinnati, Ohio