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2nd New York Cavalry - Wounded & Captured at Stoney Creek, VA

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February 2, 1863 Horace C. Green
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Camp near Belle Plains, VA

February 2nd 1863

Now Bub,

As I have been a writing to almost everyone that I know, I will write a few lines to you. I am well and I trust that these few lines will find you all the same. The weather is pleasant and warm as summer almost. I received a letter from Susan a short time ago. She said that my satchel was there that Mr. Mann fetched over. Well Bub I have got some things in it that I want kept for me if I ever get out of the Army. You can open it and take out the clothes and leave the rest of the things in it, (i. e.) letters and ambrotypes. The clothes probably are spoiled before this time. I don’t care a bit if they are. I have just written to Hud and Henry.

Oh bub, I wish that you would just tell Emory that I should like to have him answer my letter and also Oscar if they can find him. If they can’t I will come and write for him. I have got a plenty of time. We don’t have to stand picket, only 4 days out of 7 and it is now more of those going and coming. (I can write as well as not).

Where is Marcell now days? I suppose that you are enjoying yourself first rate this winter (are you not). You ought to. You can’t get the hunting go where you will. Oh tell Hon. Hastings that I should be happy to hear from him in answer to my letter. The Army has had us move since I last wrote to you. They moved to the front about 10 miles through the mud and rain and stayed 5 days and then marched back to our Old Camp again. Where they will stay until the roads get so they can draw an empty wagon over them with four horses. They couldn’t on that this morning. I don’t know of any news to write this time except that we hear that McClellan has surpassed Halleck. (Three cheers for that).

Hoping to hear from you soon. I must close for this time. Write soon.

I remain yours,

Horace C. Green

P. S. Give my best respect to all of the folks and a share to yourself. H. C.