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116th Pennsylvania Infantry - Irish Brigade

Item LTR-5812
December 13, 1863 William A. Smith
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Headquarters, 1st Division, 2nd Corps

December 13, 1863

Dear Father and Mother and Sisters,

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know that I received your kind letter last night. And was glad to hear that you were all well at present. Well, I have not been very well these two or three days. I am afraid that same old disease is coming on me that I had last winter. But it did not come on me as soon as this last year. For today one year ago we were fighting the battle of Fredericksburg and I was dodging the balls instead of writing a letter home, for now we are in winter quarters. It has been raining all night and it has nearly flood us out. For we have not got our shanty fixed yet to keep the rain out. Well we have left the pace that we were at when I wrote to you before December 5th. We started on the march again and marched to Stevensburg in Culpeper County VA. That is about 5 miles and camped for the night and expected to have a little brush with the rebs there. For they undertook to come across the river near there but they skedaddled back again. December 6th there is no change going on today. December 7th. We moved camp about two miles back in the woods and main headquarters in a big pine woods. December 8th. We commence to build a log house and we have been working at it by spells ever since. When we can get a hold of an axe for they are in a great demand now. For everyone wants to get hid done first and the officers want theirs done before we can get the tools. But if we have two boards for ours we would have ours done. So it would not make much difference when we get the rest done. We have got a big fireplace in it. Well I guess I have written you enough this time. So I will give my love to you all. So goodbye and write soon. Give my love to all of my friends.

From your Son,

William A Smith
Stevensburg, Culpeper County, VA

[hand drawn picture of a ring]

I don’t feel like writing today for I have got the headache.