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23rd New Jersey Infantry

Item LTR-5541
January 2, 1862 William Berry
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3 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp near White Oak Church
January 2, 1862

Dear Brother
I now set down to answer your kind letter which I received the other day and glad to hear from you and that you was well. I should have wrote sooner but I have been sick but I am getting better now. You said in your letter that you heard that Lieutenant Downs had full command of the company when in the battle it was not so. You said that you heard that he drew his revolver and he would shoot the first one that flinched. He did not, but him and Captain Parementier had the praise of being the bravest men in the regiment. You must not believe half you hear.
I want you to send me some tobacco for I can’t get any without paying a big price for it. I have not got time to write any more now. I will write more the next time.
Give my love to all, father and mother and all the rest. So no more at present.

From your Brother
William Berry
To Charles Berry

Write soon. Be sure and send me some tobacco.