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9th Vermont Infantry - Wounded at Chaffin's Farm, VA

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August 16, 1863 Joseph C. Brooks
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2 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Provost Marshal’s Office

August 16th 1863

My Dear Friend,

Your letter of the 7th inst came duly to hand and would have been answered before but I have been very busy. I was appointed Provost Marshal of Yorktown about the 10th July and the duties have been very arduous. So much so, that I have been obliged to neglect all my correspondents for the time.

I am getting a little more leisure now as I have got my business system matured.

It is very sickly here. Nearly two thirds of the troops are sick. In fact, we can hardly get men enough for guard duty. We are in hopes that September will bring better health. I hope they will not bring the conscripts here until cooler weather for it will be sure death to them.

I received a letter from Byron the other day. He is attached to the 3rd Army Corps. He is well and writes in his usual good spirits. He was in the fight at Gettysburg but was uninjured.

I took a very pleasant ride last week over some of the battleground of the Peninsular. I saw many places of remarkable interest on account of the events which transpired there. One of them was the spot where Hooker fought so desperately near Fort Magruder, about three miles below Williamsburg.

We have met with some real success lately but there is hard fighting to be done yet. Although, I think there is more discouragement in the south than ever before. We have from 8 to 10 deserters form the vicinity of Richmond every week and they all agree that there is a spirit of despondency in that city, never felt before. I have greater facilities for getting information than any other man at the post, as all the deserters and refugees pop through my hands.

My health is very good.

You will excuse a short letter and write again soon.

From your friend,

J. C. Brooks

Direct to Captain J. C. Brooks
Provost Marshal
Yorktown, Virginia