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11th Connecticut Infantry

Item LTR-506
June 5, 1862 Rufus D. Norris
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3 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

New Bern, North Carolina

June 5th 1862

Dear Brother,

I have sent $50.00, fifty dollars, to you by Adams and Company Express, (addressed to A. H. Norris, 8 Prince Court, Boston, Massachusetts). Or I have sent it to the City of New Bern where it will be forwarded in the first steamer that leaves for the north. It is in two twenty dollar bills and a draft on Major William Feitch (or his successor in office) of New Haven, Connecticut. I have wrote my name on the back so that you can collect it. You can send it to him by mail. I will run the risk of losing it. You can invest it as you did the other money or get a mortgage on real estate as you please. I have not received your box yet. I sent mine to you as I expected when I first wrote you about it. And I have not done any duty yet. Have not gained very fast since I came into camp. The senior surgeon of the regiment is willing to give me a discharge but it has got to be signed by the brigade surgeon and he thinks I may get well.

Company B is out some miles from camp on picket duty. I am left in camp with some 14 others who are on the sick list. Your two favors of May 2nd were duly read by me. Sergeant Warren has spoken about writing to you quite a number of times of late. Do not know whether he has or not. Cannot write more now.

Yours respectfully,

Rufus G. Norris