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107th New York Infantry

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December 28, 1863 John R. Lindsay
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3 page original Civil War soldier's letter, written in period ink and war dated.

Camp 107th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry

Wartrace, TN

December 28th 1863

Dear Dwight,

I received yours of the 20th yesterday with much pleasure I can assure you. I arrived here December 2nd being eight days on the road and eight jolly days they were, you may believe. We were in Indianapolis, Louisville and Nashville one day each. Enjoyed it very much. I found the regiment with the Division guarding the railroad in rear of Chattanooga—soft thing--. They have splendid quarters, not much to do and plenty to eat. We get turkey, chickens, pigs, etc., from the farmers about here. We get all we want of them. No hard bread or pork. Whiskey is plenty. Not commissary but a good article made in Robinson County, Tennessee. And then we have a brewer where they make good ale within nine miles of us. On the whole, I like the Army of the Cumberland much better than the Army of the Potomac. (As long as we guard railroads). But Dwight as you say, I often think of Elmira and the big times we had while there. Would like very much to try it over again. Wouldn’t you? Oh, but that letter you enclosed was rich. Did you leave your picture? I hope you did. It would ease the poor girl’s aching heart so much. Dwight, did you get anything there or didn’t you try? I think it was alright. I am sorry to learn that you are about to leave the service. Was in hopes to meet you some day in your regiment. I think we will be ordered back to Virginia in the spring. I have had several letters from Elmira since coming here. Everything is about the same. Brass is not as plenty as formerly and whiskey is cheaper. When you see Gardner as you probably will, tell him I will break his back if he doesn’t write me. Remember me to Captain Andrews and ask him how he would like to go over to the Arboreen and take a small bowl about this time.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am sincerely yours,

J. R. Lindsay