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10th Vermont Infantry

Item LTR-256
March 17, 1863 Adin H. Greene
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4 page original Civil War soldier's letter, written in period ink and war dated.

Camp at White’s Ford, Maryland
March 17th 1863

Mother and Albert,

I received a letter from Saffrania a few days ago and she said you told her to tell me to write to you. I believe I do not owe you a letter. But I will let that make no odds this time. I wrote to you both while I was at Camp Grover about the 13th of December and I have receive no answer yet. Well, we are now about 30 miles from there, further up the Potomac River and about 22 miles below Harpers Ferry and four from Poolesville where the headquarters of our Brigade is. The New Hampshire and Massachusetts regiments are there and our Colonel is acting Brigadier General now. And I would not wonder if he should be appointed Brigadier General. This regiment is divided up into three parts. There is three companies up the river about three miles and three company below us four miles at Conrad’s Ferry and four companies here and this is the headquarters of the regiment. We are doing picket duty now and so is the Maine Regiment that is down towards Seneca Locks, where we were camped awhile. There is a good many seceesh around here and in Poolesville. One of the NH boys went out to get a bundle of straw and the man came out and shot him through the wrist and leg. They arrested the man and they had to put one hundred extra guards around him to keep the boys from taking him out to the first tree and hanging him. They arrested a man named Pleasant that lives near Camp Briggs. He was a rebel recruiting office and they found the papers with him. We used to get our fresh meat off him while we was at Camp Briggs. They also caught one Captain and two Lieutenant rebels and guess they will hang Pleasant. I hope so anyway. The Captain and Lieutenants were secreted at his house. We have had pretty easy times this winter although there has been some pretty hard storms to stand out in on guard. But I got rid of that. There was the remains of a dead rebel that went up the canal last Sunday. He was killed at Fredericksburg and his father had gotten consent to fetch him home to this state.

We are an independent Brigade now. I would not wander if we had to leave here and go to the front but well may not. Saffrania sent me Elmer’s likeness. I think he looks as well as ever. I hope he will not be sick any more while I am gone. I think I shall come home next fall if Louie comes out. What do the folks think about the war in New Hampshire and what do they say about them raising more men? I hope they will raise more. How is your health now Mother and how do you get along? Albert, I have not heard from Horace lately but I expect a letter every mail. Well, I will close by asking you both to write soon and write all the particulars. Give my respects to all.

As ever yours, A. H. Greene
Direct as before.