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101st Pennsylvania Infantry - Andersonville Prisoner

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March 7, 1863 William Cameron
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter, war dated.

Camp near New Bern, NC
March 7th 1863

Dear Brother,

I wrote you last evening but this morning we had marching orders and I thought I would drop a few lines and let you know about it. We are taking six days rations. We are going on a boat but where we don’t know. The Captain answered your letter last Tuesday. I am very sorry you don’t have your health. It is the greatest blessing any person can enjoy in this life and I can say that. I have had better health since I enlisted than I ever had before. I was weighed this morning and weighed a hundred and eighty pounds. Which is more weight than I ever had at home. Dave, I have often heard that Home was a sweet word but never experienced it until now. And I assure you it is a great comfort for the soldier to get good news from home. A good long letter from home and good news are the greatest of comfort and solace one can receive. The time is swiftly flying and will soon bring round the time when I hope to see you all and enjoy life as I once did. And I expect to enjoy it better than ever.

I have not time to write home this morning but you must tell our folks that I am well. Am afraid that Mother is grieving too much about me. So long as I am well and comfortable. I have no news to write you and must close. You must comfort Mother all you can and I am fully confident that I shall return safe and sound. I should like to have a letter from our Mother before I go but it is impossible. No more at present but remain your affectionate Brother,

Will Cameron