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10th Vermont Infantry

Item LTR-141
March 19 (1863) Charles H. Carley
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4 Pages written in period ink:

Camp Chandler
Conrads Ferry, MD
March 19 (1863)

Friend Frank,

What are you up to today? Hawling hide in the old tan yard I presume? Do you have many skunk skins this spring or aren’t you in the Skunk business as much as you was. Does Albert hunt as much as ever this spring? If so, what luck does he have? I have been a little bungy for a day or two back owing to overdoing myself. We are doing quite an extensive business now a searching houses and taking contraband goods have taken about $100.00 a day for a week past. A lot of us went over to Harrison’s Island day before yesterday. Found 8000 bush of grain over there that the Rebs meant to get. We have heard nothing of moving from here yet and probably shant for present. We now belong to an Independent Brigade under General Stannard. They change us around a good deal. Our company is the largest company in the Regiment now and the Bully Company of the Regiment. Do they expect a draft in Vermont and how do the folks feel about it. I would like to see a lot of them drafted around there and I guess there will be a lot of them before this war is over. These damed old Northern copperheads are doing more to encourage succession than the Rebs are. I would like to knock the block out from under every darned one of them. I wish a lot of the soldiers could go to Vermont now they would make short work of the darned copperheads and rotten peace makers, It would be impossible to use them hard enough.

How does Old Hemmingway get along as successfully as ever. If he is tell him I would like to hang him by the heels. It is darn mean to have the North prolong this rebellion all they think of is party parts.

Had a letter from Nash not long ago. Did you see Capt Blodgett while he was in Vermont? A bully fellow. He don’t go to school this spring, do you? Can’t write any more this time. Write soon.

Charles H. Carley

Tell your Father I will smoke on his account when my three years are up.

Love to all Friends

Sarge is well and as full of the old Harry as he can hold. We have got an old Bitch and 11 pups. Don’t you want one?