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114th Ohio Infantry

Item LTR-10272
August 7, 1864 Caleb Glick
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Morganza, Louisiana

August 7th 1864

Dear Parents and Brothers,

I once more seize the leisure moments to try and drop you a few lines to let you know that I still keep my health and a trying to enjoy myself the best I can. And hope that this will find you all in the same condition.

I have not received any letter from you yet and do not know what to think about it. Whether you have not written or the letters have been detained. It seems that everybody else can get their mail matter but me.

The weather here for the last few days has been very warm. This afternoon the sky is very cloudy and looks like it will leave us some rain.

Well, all of the excitement about the rebels coming at this place has “dried up and blown over.” They have pulled up stakes and lit out for someplace else, don’t know where.

I believe I have never told you that we have had watermelons in our country yet. But now the time is about over, with us. The trouble with them down here was that they done more harm to a fellow’s pocket, than good to one’s belly. For a five or ten cent melon up there, you would have to pay from .75 to a 1.00 down here. Apples three for twenty-five cents, the size of a walnut. And for peaches, almost the size of your fist, two for a quarter of a dollar. That is cheap down here. You know, where they have to get a pass to go outside of the lines to bring them in, run all risks of getting captured. I was out a few days ago with the teams after wood. The corn that I saw out there was ready to cut. The cotton crop looks splendid. It was then in blossom and would come up almost to a man’s shoulders.

Well, we are now getting our rain and it is refreshing. I tell you it makes a fellow feel good.

Two boats have just arrived from New Orleans, which brings up rumors that Mobile is taken. That it was taken by our Navy. This is only a rumor and we cannot place any confidence in it. And I only put it in this letter because I had nothing else to write.

Now I will bring this to a close. Hoping to hear from you soon. Give my love and respects to all the friends. Reserve a good share for yourselves.

Please answer immediately and direct your letter as before. So, no more at present.

But still remain,

Your affectionate Son and Brother,