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10th New Hampshire Infantry - Medal of Honor

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April 10, 1865 John Coughlin & David M. Evans
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Office of the Provost Marshal General
Department of Virginia
Richmond, VA
April 10, 1865

Lieutenant Colonel D. M. Evans:

Commanding Detachment Cavalry Division, Army of James, Having reported to this office for duty, is hereby directed to establish himself in the capital building and administer the Oath of Allegiance to officers and soldiers of the Confederate Army who present themselves for the purpose. He will also direct the cavalry under his command to execute such orders as may be issued from this office.

John Coughlin
Lieutenant Colonel and Provost Marshal General, Department of Virginia

John Coughlin: Brevet promotions to Colonel and Brigadier General. Wounded at Port Walthall, VA and Petersburg, VA. Medal of Honor for action at Swift Creek, VA on May 9, 1864.

David M. Evans: Promoted to Colonel of the 20th New York Cavalry