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38th Alabama Infantry - Wounded & Captured at Missionary Ridge

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July 12, 1864 John P. Seabrook
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Original Civil War Confederate POW letter. 1 page, written in period ink.

Fort Delaware

July 12th 1864

My Dear Friend,

I take pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of your kind letter of the 30th June, received on the 5th July. Ever grateful for the kindness shown me, an expression of my gratitude is still further called forth by your generous and truly womanly sympathies and for the very favorable opinion you have formed of me. Reared in obscurity and gifted with extraordinary talents, by no means ambitious of distinction and surrounded by man unfavorable circumstances, I still hope to achieve for myself some slight success in life. And humbly trust that in the future no act of mine, nor want of action on my part, will ever cause those who have been my friends, to regret their kindness to me or even to consider that kindness misplaced.

I am pleased to learn that Mrs. Albert’s health is improving and hope to hear from her at an early date. Considering the opportunities afford for study in a crowded prison where it is impossible to be alone for a moment, I am, perhaps, making tolerable progress in my studies. The books were received on the 15th June and I have just completed the third book of Caisson. Your generous offer of other books is thankfully accepted. I would like very much to have “Pollock’s Course of Time”, “Campbell’s Poems” and “Cornelius Nepos” Bullion’s edition of the last name work, if he has gotten out one) would be preferred.

Should you have an opportunity of forwarding them in a package to others in our prison, so as not to incur too much expense on my account. You will greatly oblige me by so doing. Others of the mess request that you favor them at the same time with any old novels or magazines you may have on hand and which may be of no further service to you.

My regards to Mrs. Albert.

Very Truly Your Friend,

John P. Seabrook