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38th Alabama Infantry - Wounded & Captured at Missionary Ridge

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September 10, 1864 John P. Seabrook
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Original Civil War Confederate POW letter. 1 page, written in period pencil.

Fort Delaware
September 10th 1864

My Dear Sister,

I wrote you on, or about, the 23rd inst., on receipt of boxes. But as I have not heard from you since, I fear my letter failed to reach you. Captain Nutt was sent off with the six hundred to Charleston. Lieutenant Chambers is with us again.

Winter is rapidly approaching, which with our late reverses and the prospect of a prolonged imprisonment, finds me in depression spirits. My books are a great solace to me just now. I study some every day. But not so much as formerly. Having more and better reading matter. I am more than ever pleased with Pollok’s “Course of Time.” My studies are systematic and under a teacher. By following your advice, my arm is about to hear without resorting to an operation.

The “foreign body” I spoke of proved to be a ligature which had been caught by the new bone. It is now removed.

Captain Wright and Lieutenant Alston would write, but are not allowed. They send their regards.

Very Truly,

Yours, etc.,

John P. Seabrook