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1st South Carolina Infantry - Orr's Rifles - Wounded at Chickahominy

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September 30, 1861 James M. Watson
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Sullivan’s Island
Charleston, SC

September the 30th 1861

Mr. M. V. Corkley

Dear Sir,

I take the present opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well at present. Hoping when these few lines comes to hand, they will find you enjoying the same blessing. I know nothing of importance to write at present more than I am well satisfied and doing well. We get plenty to eat and plenty to eat with hit. You ought to have been here last night. We got orders to keep our cartridge boxes close where we could get them and be ready to march at a moments warning. There were some of the boys pretty bad scared. As for my own part, I slept with my clothes and shoes both on. For I thought that the Yankees would be here right off. But they did not come. If they had to of come, I know that some of us would have been scared nearly to death. I didn’t know whether we will ever know a battle or not. But I don’t think we will tell Mr. Corkley. I have not got that button off Old Abe’s coat yet. But if I come in reach of me, I will get it for sure.

I want you to tell Eli and Lucinda to write to me soon. Tell George that I will write to him before long. Mart, I want you to speak a good word to all the girls for me. Tell them I have not forgotten them.

Yet, I will bring my letter to a close, so nothing more. But remain your friend until death.

From J. M. Watson to M. V. Corkley