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46th North Carolina Infantry - Christmas Letter - Wounded at Wilderness

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December 25, 1863 James T. Stark
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2 pages, original Confederate Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp near Orange Court House
December the 25th, 1863

Dear Father,

As this is a rather dull Christmas Day with me, I will drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well. I hope when these few lines reach you, they will find you all enjoying the same blessing. You ought to have been here to eat with me today. We had a little fried bacon and bread for breakfast, and bread and spike for supper. We get the same quantity of flour but we only get ¼ of a pound of pickle beef a day. So you may guess that is small rations. It looks like that hard times is coming upon us.

We are here at the same old camp that you left us at. We will move camp in some two weeks so I heard. Our brigade was left here to do picket duty. We have to go on picket every other day. After our time is out, we will move out about Gordonsville. Then I hope we can rest awhile for we don’t get much rest here.

We are having very cold weather here at this time. There is no war news here. The Yankee cavalry came up in 2 miles of our picket line last night. What their intention is, I know not without they think they can take some of our pickets in by surprise. Our picket line is on the north side of the Rapidan River.

Nothing more at present, only remain your son till death. Write soon and let me hear from you.

James T. Stark

You will have to pay the postage on this letter for I have no stamp.